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Sometimes the disciplines of teaching and literature produce artists, and notably painters. And these painters always compose very original pieces that are daringly contemporary and of a quality that cannot be ignored. This statement obviously applies to Christian Ronceray, this remarkable artist from La Manche, who does honour to the different places where he exhibits, in France and Europe.

First of all, Christian Ronceray composed the backgrounds of his pieces as if they were paintings in themselves, conferring them not only with superb iridescent colours chosen for their warmth, but also a sumptuous form which provided the perfect setting for the reality of the work.

Today, whilst remaining faithful to his warm atmospheres, the artist defines strange and poetic landscapes, the sobriety of which nevertheless provides an impression of serenity with their diffuse light. His works are full of interest and evident charm, and portray planes that fascinate through the monochrome magic of their poetry.
André RUELLAN, art critic